Getting A Cat As A Pet Means….

There are numerous considerations when getting any pet.  Each type of pet requires different responsibilities.  Different considerations.  Here are the big ones for cats. Cats can be fantastic pets and companions, bringing you and your family much joy.   One of our favorite branches for new cat owners is, where you can find great information on everything that you need to know for when you bring a new cat home, from introducing your cat to other pets at your home, to what are some top tips for litter training your new cat.  On MrOwl you can discover a community of like-minded cat lovers who are a chock full of informative ideas, lists of the best pet treats, ideas for pet-friendly vacations, and so much more.

Consider these six questions before getting a cat to help ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition for you and your new pet.

  1. Will you have enough time for the cat?

Cats are arguably a pet requiring a lower time investment than many other pets. However, you still have to feed them every day, and they love playtime and human interaction. The time needed for those activities will vary from cat to cat. Some want a lot of attention, some don’t. And, you can’t always tell at a pet store, breeder, or shelter how much attention a cat will end up wanting once you get them settled in at home. In fact, in many instances, your community will give you suggestions to your pet store, breeder or shelter may not have.  If you create a collaborative MrOwl branch, you can collect all of this information in one easy place with your friends, and it will become a searchable and shareable resource for everyone.

Of course, there’s also the litter box(es) to deal with. You will probably need to clean them out once a day; sometimes a couple of times a day depending on how many cats you will have.  And to find the top litter boxes that require the least amount of human interaction, ask your community, or research it online in the MrOwl community.  And, when you find something you like, grab it to save it for later.

  1. Do you have enough money for a cat?

We’ve learned a lot about cat ownership from our community.  A lot of people say they like cats because they are low maintenance. This is true to an extent. However, you will still be spending your hard-earned money for cat food, litter, veterinarian costs, and toys.  Oh, the toys you can find to spoil them!  And if you’re like me and you want to keep the treats coming for your cat, check out this branch where you can find cat subscription boxes that you may not of heard of before that are sure to keep your cat happy and purring:

Even if your cat is healthy, you still need to take them in for a yearly check-up and vaccinations.  Also, at some point, as your cat ages, they will likely need increasing vet visits as their health declines.  Many, many cat owners recommend purchasing pet insurance to help defray some of your pet’s healthcare costs.  Using the MrOwl Chrome Extension is a quick way to save the links that you’ve found and to call out why they’re important to you.  Making it easy to remember the important things, like which insurance company gives a 10% AAA discount so you remember to ask about it if you choose them.

  1. How much patience do you have?

Cats are… quirky, as evidenced by the unlimited number of funny cat videos and memes online. They make us laugh.  They make us happy.  And they make us feel better when we are sick.  These attributes can be a bonus for some people, but an annoyance to others. How much patience do you have for a pet that will wake you up in the middle of the night? How about shredding curtains and/or furniture? Getting into things and places they absolutely should not get into? Or ignoring the expensive toy you bought in order to play with the box or package it came in? There’s no guarantee that your cat would do any of these, but there’s also no guarantee that they won’t do these or more. Do you have the patience to tolerate whatever quirks your cat may develop?

  1. Do you want to buy or adopt?

This is a far more complicated than one than you may think. Be aware: there are options. If you are inclined to purchase your new family member, would you want to buy him/her from a pet store or a breeder? If you buy from a pet store you can be pretty sure the cat is healthy and socialized with humans. If you buy from a breeder, those will also hold true and you will know the cat’s parentage.  You can pick the exact breed you would like. If you want to adopt, would you adopt from a shelter or simply take in a stray cat? Both options are viable but risky as far as the cat’s health, breed, and socialization. However, there are many, many success stories stemming from here…many of which can be found in our MrOwl communities.

  1. Do you already have other pets?

This is a simple yes or no question with nebulous ramifications. If you already have pets, what kind of pets? Dogs? Hamsters? Iguanas? Other cats? This can tell you how much the animals are likely to interact. A dog and a cat will interact more than a cat and fish in a closed tank. If there will be a lot of interaction between the cat and other pets, you should try to find a cat that is already socialized with other animals. You don’t want to be breaking up fights every 10 minutes if they don’t get along.  You also want to learn about pet training, which breeds go together best, and how to integrate them both into the same home without jealousy.

  1. Do you have children?

If you do, it’s important to make sure they aren’t allergic before adopting a cat – or any other pet for that reason.  It’s also important to make sure your child isn’t afraid of cats.  If so, it’s time to work with your child(ren) and help them through their concerns.  It’s also important to understand whether or not the pet you want is “child-friendly” or “family-friendly”.  That will, ultimately, become a large part of your decision-making process.

At the end of the day, regardless of where your new family member is adopted from, it’s important to show the animal you are happy, loving and full of enthusiasm for it.  Remember, the day you bring your new family pet home is a new beginning for you – and for the animal.  And, whether you’re watching viral cat videos like the ones on, posting pictures of your pet, or seeking pet playdates, you can take comfort knowing that, as a member of a strong pet community in MrOwl, your quality of pet life will grow exponentially.  And, as a member of a strong pet community, it’s a great idea to start your own branch on MrOwl, save and share your success stories (like the first time your cat realized his/her name or did a great new trick for you), save your veterinary information (to keep on file and accessible on-the-fly), or keep track of your favorite online pet gift orders.   You’ll be helping others while developing an online scrapbook of your best family pet memories and resources!