Coronavirus: Why Teachers Digital Resources Are the Future

With mandatory isolation and school closures becoming the norm around the globe, businesses and educators alike are now having to rely on digital communication and interactive sharing platforms to conduct everyday activities. Millions of school children are now at home and educators are faced with the strenuous task of continuing to shape the minds of the youth while practicing social distancing.  At this point, many are realizing just how imperative having access to quality information is. Digital resources like class plans, homework, educational shows, and even a direct platform to talk to students, other educators, and the school district itself are not only a plus, but an absolute necessity.

In trying times like these, this is where community organization and togetherness reigns supreme. Every staff member needs to be on the same page and most importantly, they need to be able to share the documentation and news they have to students easily. With MrOwl, educators can find and compose the resources they deem appropriate for others in their communities. Without face to face interaction, these resources and small pieces of advice are priceless.

So, how can I use MrOwl in my classroom? And, how can I use it to cope with school closures during the Coronavirus Pandemic? Great questions, you’re not the only one asking them. Find those answers and even more highlighted below:

Create Easily Shareable Resources.

It’s that simple. Users on MrOwl can upload and create any type of resource they please. These resources can be filled with various types of files, images, and even links. This personalization and shareability are what make the concept of MrOwl Social Cloud Storage work. Like the various governments and medical communities coming together in this time of need, educators and schools also need to come together to help their communities to continue to learn and to have access to the things they need without interruption and without financial despair. All public resources on MrOwl are free with the intent of helping others get inspiration and find the answers they need.


Many times, educators feel alone even without quarantines. This comes from low budgets, lack of school of resources, and just the pressure from the everyday stress of being an educator. Other teachers know how this is and it gives educators a great opportunity to connect and find others who can provide positive and specific detailed information for the communities that are in need of it.

Many have started to create branches highlighting the things other teachers need during the Coronavirus Pandemic. This MrOwl branch emphasizes what communities in New Mexico can start to do to plan for further closers and how they can continue to connect with their students:


Social Cloud Storage allows the compartmentalization of resources. Everything can be strategically organized by the user for the benefit of their audience of the community.

In the instance of how to easily share pertinent info during the Coronavirus. You can take a note from this example branch and even share things like:

  • Updates on the current situation in your city or town.
  • Locations of food banks or other places that will offer school lunches for students that rely on them even when the school is closed.
  • Create group chats to discuss lesson plans or activities with parents, students, and other teachers.
  • Upload, correct, and send back your revisions to homework.
  • Find teacher resources by other educators on MrOwl.
  • Personalize the info based on your own community.

With Social Cloud, MrOwl is empowering everyone, Coronavirus or not, with a platform in which they can share information and connect with others wherever they are. With this, we hope to help the countless educators and students currently at home in isolation with inspiration and a better way to continue to learn and do the things you love.