Enhancing Productivity Through MrOwl

Today, once you decide to start a business, you do two things: create a business plan and set up your cloud-based infrastructure.  If you’re new to the cloud from this perspective, it’s good to know that it has really changed how we store and access information, how we work, our ability to work remotely and so much more.  It has made our lives more productive and our work/life balance much better.  With this powerful tool, we can manage, track, utilize, and update our digital assets on demand. It has become both an insurance policy and a lifeline for businesses and isn’t going anywhere.

In the cloud, we can organize, store, edit and use our data from wherever, whenever.  It is so flexible that many companies warehouse their data in it – and it doesn’t matter if you are Sarah’s Shoe Store or Microsoft…the benefits are the same!  It’s also good to know that each user experience is different; it can be configured for everyone or just those needing specific accommodations.  However, by merely maintaining access to the cloud, you are only at the tip of the iceberg of what the cloud can do for you and your small business.  When the cloud really makes a difference, it is used throughout your organization.

There are stories in the media every day talking about how the cloud was designed to store data in a central location, protect it, and make it more user-friendly.  Guess what: those goals have been realized.  The next natural transition with the cloud was to integrate it into a social environment.   Social Cloud Storage does just this.  Here, the cloud can be used at work or home, organized as the user (or administrator) sees fit.  It’s an easy concept to understand once you think about it a bit; information is stored in one centralized area which is fully searchable and user-controlled.  Simply put… organization, access, control, and customization are the four pillars of social cloud storage.

At the end of the day, every small business owner wants to know one thing.  How will this reduce my costs, keep our data secure, and help us increase our productivity?  This is important because most small business owners never think about productivity because they wear too many hats.  They also have a small team typically that “does it all”.  However, productivity has a very real impact to every bottom-line. In order to be measured properly, the impact of productivity must include everything — from how long it takes to accomplish a task to how long it takes to get that accomplishment “out the door”.  When productivity isn’t measured properly, you only get a small piece of the picture.

Let’s say you can’t find a client file you need or a recent order you placed.  Considering all the time and stress you put forth to resolve the issue means not moving forward sooner on other “to do” items.  In this case, your productivity is officially down.  In other words, the impact from this is measurable in real dollars. By using the cloud properly in these instances, you can affect massive change in even the smallest of organizations. Analysts continuously report that the cloud, “has consistently proven to reduce IT costs, month over month, by up to 75%, while offering a multitude of additional productivity and security benefits with no additional cost.”  Where else can you find something that does so much for so little?

Today’s cloud is not unlike a human – ever-changing, communicative when used properly, and thriving.  The uses for the cloud are as limitless as the imagination.  As the CEO and Co-Founder of, MrOwl, Arvind Raichur believes “this is because both companies and consumers want real-time access to their data in a searchable, sharable, and personally organized manner.” As you already know, Raichur and his team, literally invented the cloud-based technology applications category entitled Social Cloud Storage™.

Social Cloud Storage “enables the sharing of content directly out of your cloud storage to a community beyond your contacts.” At MrOwl, we encourage the sharing of information amongst users in a constructive manner, while creating communities of curated wisdom through our own personal cloud storage accounts.  In other words, we’ve created many communities within our community.  And if that wasn’t enough, the small business applications are limitless as well.  Vendor-sharing, department-sharing, data sharing and so much more!  The information is always secure, flexible, and accessible just as with anything else in the cloud.  This helps your business grow and your work/life balance become less wishful thinking and more active reality.