Making the Cloud more Social

For many people, “the cloud” is something that has always been around. But, having the ability to find pretty much whatever you want, whenever you want—the true value of the cloud—actually took several decades to become what it is today.

The cloud was born in the 1960’s with a U.S. government network that allowed digital sources to be shared among computers in different locations. Over time, public and private organizations like IBM and the National Science Foundation expanded upon this concept significantly. What we know as the Internet today was pretty much in place by the 1990’s. In the early 2000’s, a few enterprising companies developed solutions that could only be accessed through the Internet. Shortly afterward, huge companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft joined the mission, offering storage, computing infrastructure and complete platforms in the cloud. You probably remember all of this!

Today, most people use the cloud often, even if they don’t realize it. Businesses use it to access applications, store data, analyze large sets of data, and more. Consumers use it every time they conduct a search, access their music library or watch Netflix.

A more social approach to cloud storage is born.

Today, both consumers and businesses are using the cloud to store documents, images, audio, video and other content. They find this method of storage more secure, convenient and far more economical than trying to store everything on their own.  It also gives them a feeling of confidence in their data.

At the same time, we are all trying to get more done…faster. Companies prize productivity and collaboration above all else. And, what about those same employees who are used to being productive and sharing information at work? They want to do the same at home, whether they are sharing links or posts via social media or working with other family members to plan the perfect group vacation.

What if you could bring those concepts together by creating a fully secure cloud storage platform that allows users to share and collaborate directly with each other? That’s the idea behind an entirely new segment of cloud storage called Social Cloud Storage. It’s a way of using storage to improve communication and productivity by encouraging collaboration and sharing. With the social shared storage concept, users have access to their data at all times and can share on demand.

Enter MrOwl…

That was the big idea of MrOwl, an innovative, forward-thinking company that is a leader in the fast-growing Social Cloud Storage space. The technology was designed so users can easily access content that was previously unavailable through collaborative sharing. Being able to discover this valuable content is something that hasn’t been available before, and MrOwl serves as a powerful resource for other users in a truly human-first internet environment.

MrOwl’s fully secure, cloud-based platform allows both businesses and individuals to store both public and private collections of information, called “branches”, including subtopics, documents, links, media and more on a shared topic of interest. The information in each branch is organized, collaborative, searchable, and shareable. For individual users, some of the most popular branches right now include: Game of Thrones, Fashion, Wine Pairings, Natural Home Remedies, Travel, New Pet Ownership, and Life Hacks. In other words, there is something for everyone!

The platform also includes a MrOwl Tree, which enables both individuals, and business users, to collaborate with each other. Changes are immediate, and add knowledge to the community for everyone’s benefit. Everything is in real-time and under the Business tab of the Community Tree, for example, users will find subtopics including Business News, Business Resources, Business Sectors, and Financial Services.

The links that users save can even be customized and reordered like their own personal search engine to designate what’s important to them and why. Users also can simultaneously search everything from individual computer files, cloud files and the Internet itself.

The public information on MrOwl’s social cloud is shared openly with the MrOwl community, so users can connect with a community of people with shared interests.

MrOwl offers both consumer and business accounts with unlimited storage for public content as well as 10GB’s of free private storage.* Additional premium plans are also available with more storage, increased user privacy, and an ad-free environment.

*Free unlimited files stored in public branches up to 20MB per file. Files over 20MB will count towards private storage.