Finding, Keeping, Sharing, and Storing Recipes the Easy Way

Gone are the days of writing recipes on notecards and keeping them in boxes. The internet has made it possible to find and share recipes from all over the world. The only drawback is re-finding those recipes when you want to cook one.

This is where MrOwl comes in.

MrOwl is where foodies and amateur chefs can gather and share recipes. Come find what other users have shared on MrOwl. It’s never been easier to connect and collaborate with endless communities and discover what others have shared.  Whether you are looking for Instant Pot recipes, quick recipes, barbeque recipes, or recipes for kids – all these and more can be found on the platform. Create your very own branch where you can organize and save your recipes. Once this is done you can upload recipes you have as text files on your computer, scan recipes from books or notecards and upload as images, save recipes you find on various websites, or save recipes you find on other branches on MrOwl. All of these will be in one spot on your branch. You can organize your branch with subtopics by type of recipes like chicken dishes or beef dishes, or even by meal, such as breakfast dishes or lunch dishes.  It’s entirely up to you.

If you want to get down to the fine details, you could even categorize your recipes in a way that tells a story. Organize recipes into time-periods, theme or locations. Have a subtopic for different bread recipes from the 1700s. Have another branch for red-colored food. Or have one for recipes that come from a certain country, like Italy or Japan. You could even have subtopics for holidays, days of the week, or seasons. It’s completely up to you how you organize your branch.

Of course, you don’t have to create this alone. The platform is great for collaboration. Invite family members or friends to add to your branch, as well to add in their favorite recipes for the benefit of everyone.  This could even be an easy way to make a virtual family recipe book so old family recipes don’t get lost to time. And if you have some family recipes that you want to keep only in the family, we’ve got you covered because you can create private or public branches on MrOwl.

Become part of a community that finds and trades recipes from all over the world. Work with other recipe collectors on the app. Share what you find. Get inspired by other branches. Discuss the best places to find new recipes. Let each other know of your cooking trials and triumphs.

Have specific ingredients in your fridge you don’t know what to do with?  Hosting a game of Chopped Challenge or Chopped Junior at home and need help?  Having trouble trying to find that one recipe for your favorite dish? You can simultaneously search the app, your computer, and the internet at the same time. Instead of spending frustrating time sorting through countless files and websites, you can find that recipe in no time! You get free unlimited storage for content that you share with the world.* And, if you want to keep certain branches to yourself, you get up to 10GB of free private storage. That’s a lot of recipes!

But why limit yourself to just recipes? There are branches for almost any topic you can think of. Continuing in the food category, you can find branches on diets and clean eating. There are even branches for secret foods at all kinds of restaurants! MrOwl is the go-to app for anyone wanting to store information in one convenient place and share it with online communities all over the world.

*Free unlimited files stored in public branches up to 20MB per file. See terms for full details.